The only thing we like in the world is food

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weird rambling because I had a Catharsis recently ›


My body is a temple. I treat it with respect and only eat organic kale chips.

My body is a weapon. I try to keep it polished and looking cool and running smoothly. Never let it get sloppy or jammed up. Never use it for stupid shit. Don’t let lames or shady mothafuckas touch it. This weapon has…

post breakup video

miller-low-life asked: I was just thinking, did you happen to save that email that some dork wrote you that was typed out in olde english?

I CAN’T FIND IT!!!!!!!!!

but i did find an email he sent that was empty, save the subject line, which read: “Do you have some time?” and the one he wrote that said “I just wanted to say that I’m attracted to you. I understand if that’s not mutual. But at least I got the chance to tell you how I feel.” 

do u want 2 collab. with me on an ebook or something out of weird messages from ppl?

A study titled:

Boys Who Love the Song ‘Josie’ are Awful, Secretly Sappy and Could Get It


Rose McGowan 

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